Changes Report

Release History

2.0.8Better PDF support and stylesheet update
2.0.75-10-2007Syntax highlighting support
2.0.627-7-2007Eclipse help support
2.0.5DocBook stylesheets upgrade + expression language
2.0.4DocBook stylesheets upgrade
2.0.3Customization enhancements
2.0.2A few enhancements and bug fixes.
2.0.12006-10-23Only version number update. for XInclude unparsed entity references. output and Java 1.4 compliance.

Release 2.0.16 - null

addgenerate-titlepage using the property targetsFilename which does not exist because it is not a conventional docbook stylesheet.mimil
addconfigure loggers for fop, a new property can be used FopLogLevel or -Ddocbkx.fopLogLevel Values are: OFF,FATAL,ERROR,WARN,INFO,DEBUG,TRACE,ALL Default is: WARNmimil
addwrong method scope for setUseStandardOutput in order to allow extending.mimil

Release 2.0.15 - null

addAdd of property skip in order to skip execution of the plugin.fschwarz
addAdd of a new target "generate-titlepage" in order generate titlepage stylesheet that may be needed to configure some customization layers. A sample configuration is available on "docbkx.template" profile.mimil
addAllow to pass xsl and some docbkx parameters using the command line or pom properties, they are prefixed with "docbkx.". Example mvn docbkx:generate-pdf -Ddocbkx.draftMode="true"mimil
updateThe xxxCustomization parameter is now properly interpreted relative to basedir.andreas.veithen
addAdd of a possibility to skip execution of this
updateThe plugin incorrectly report up-to-date generated PDF when xInclude is used, now when xInclude is used files are regenerated because you do not have much handles on the xml processor for now.mimil
updateUppate to latest webhelp-indexer compatible with docbook styleshe ets in 1.78.1.tdemande
addAdd of a generate-manpage sample.mimil
update"docbkx.external" sample was using an hardcoded path in externalFOPConfiguration.mimil
updateUpdate to FOP 1.1 to support hyphenateVerbatim option.mimil
updateAllow project to specify source file encoding, default UTF-8.samharwell
addAdd of a new target "generate-xhtml5".vincent.nap
addAllow the targets to generate xref database files, they will be named < filename > . < extension > .target.dbmimil
addAdd of a new target "generate-epub3".mimil
addUpdate copyright headers and setup maven-license-plugin.mimil

Release 2.0.14 - null

addAdd of property showXslMessages in order to activate the print of xsl:messages, default is set to false.mimil
updateThe plugin version is not anymore harcoded in the archetypemimil
updateThe property base.dir for html output in non chunking mode was not set thus causing long description to be generated in the root dir.mimil
updateThe new docbook stylesheets make use of property epubEmbeddedFonts instead of epubEmbeddedFont previouslymimil
updateThe webhelp output to correctly set the languagemimil
updateDue to the remove of a maven annotation the external fop configuration was not taken into account anymoremimil

Release 2.0.13 - null

updateUpdate of samples to use docbook namespace stylesheets (remove of DTD usage)mimil
updateFo outputs (pdf and rtf) were not correctly defining the output filename when multiple input files were givenmimil
updateThe jalopy:format plugin has suppressed many maven javadoc tags causing many docbkx plugins to not work as expectedmimil
updateThe WebHelp indexer is now correctly resetting the indexermimil

Release 2.0.12 - null

updateOutputs having the property useStandardOutput set to false will generate their content to a dedicated directory using the input filename as directory name. Current outputs concerned are: (x)html chunked, epub, webhelp, man, eclipse, javahelpmimil
updateMove to FOP 1.0mimil
updateRemove deprecated maven configuration keys, mandatory for maven 3 fresh install to compile the pluginmimil
updateMove to docbook xsl stylesheets 1.76.1mimil
addAdd support for WebHelp output. WebHelp is a feature-rich, nice looking XSL customization and is a better alternative for web deployments.mimil
addAdd support for RTF output (Rich Text Format)mimil
updateEPUB output was not correctly zipping content when multiple input documents were specifiedmimil

Release 2.0.11 - null

updateDocbook XML catalogs of both previous and current versions are now correctly loaded.mimil
addAdd of epub pluginmimil
updatedocbkx-to ols plugin now works correctly under maven 3mimil
updateBugs in the fop-support plugin was causing the plugin to stop and not working when space characters were encountered into the path.mimil

Release 2.0.10 - null

addAdd of optional < useStandardOutput/ > in docbkx-builder-maven-plugin and the generated Mojos for stylesheets directly writing the target filename (manpages ...) instead of using stdout as transformation result.mimil
updateUse of latest docbook stylesheets artifacts as dependency instead of embedding parts of docbook stylesheet distribution.mimil
addAdd of docbkx-quickstart-archetype (@see
updateFails to create directory with xom xincludemimil
addAdd of XHTML support (generate-xhtml goal)mimil

Release 2.0.9 - null

updateCorrection of generation failure when spaces in path.mimil
updateMoved to FOP 0.95.mimil
updateRemoved use of ExpressionUtils class to avoid property clashes.mimil
updateAdded support of http url in xxxCustomization parameters.mimil
addAdded generate-javahelp goal.mimil
addAdded support for setting additional XSL parameters which are not part of the regular docbook parameters using < customizationParameters > .mimil
addAdded support for setting system properties using < systemProperties > which contains < name > < value > elements pair inside < property > elements.mimil
updateXSLT Highlighting can now be configured with < xslthlConfig > property or using < systemProperties > .mimil
updateEnhancement of urn:docbkx:stylesheet which points to the docbook release stylesheet to allow urn:docbkx:stylesheet/xxxx to point to other files of the docbook release. Example: < import href="urn:docbkx:stylesheet/pagesetup.xsl" / > .mimil

Release 2.0.8 - null

addAdded support for alternative fonts in PDF output.wis
updateReplaced FOP 0.20.5 with FOP 0.94.wis
updateMoved on to version 1.73.2 of the DocBook XSL stylesheets.wis
addMade sure that documents are not re-built when the sources did not change.wis
addBetter support for XInclude allowing includes by id and xml:id.mimil

Release 2.0.7 - 5-10-2007

addAdded support for syntax highlighting.wis

Release 2.0.6 - 27-7-2007

addAdded rudimentary support for generating Eclipse help.wis

Release 2.0.5 - null

updateUpgraded the styleseets to version 1.72.0.wis
addAdded experimental support for using expression language in processing instructions.wis

Release 2.0.4 - null

updateUpgraded the stylesheets to version 1.70.1.wis

Release 2.0.3 - null

addAdded support for inserting customization stylesheets. Simply set the foCustomization or htmlCustomization properties, and link the original stylesheets back in by using a symbolic xsl:import. After that, you can use all Bob Sagehills sugestions for customization the output.wis
addAdded support for type specific content. The plugin will by default look for a file called docbbkx.{type}.ent. If it exists, then it will be automatically included in the XML document.wis

Release 2.0.2 - null

fixFixed support for xinclude.wis

Release 2.0.1 - 2006-10-23

updateUpdated all version numbers to be in sync. (So the link to the specific version of the DocBook templates has been dropped.)wis

Release - null

addAdded support for XInclude. You can now instruct the plugin to process xinclude tags by setting the 'xincludeSupport' property to true.wis

Release - null

fixUnparsed entity references were not handled correctly. As a result, images would not appear in PDF and HTML output.wis

Release - null

addAdded support for chunked HTML output.wis
updateRefactored the code to be Java 1.4 compliant.wis
addAdded a user guide.wis